EMG Photons vs Gravity

Light is a carrier of electromagnetic force, in its form as a virtual particle. Nothing travels faster than light because the largest field in existence is electro-magnetic. All mass-energy in fields that travels far is electro-magnetic. Photons that aren’t virtual don’t interact with other photons in the field and are the fastest particle/wave in the universe known.

The other field in the Universe that is equally as quick as photons in the electro-magnetic field is gravity. Gravity is attracted to mass and has the speed characteristics of photons in an electro-magnetic field. So one might think that gravity is related to the electro-magnetic field in some way with gravitons being a dark photon that seeks to ground itself in mass.

If gravitons have a charge that locks itself into mass, that charge might be related to the expansion of space. Gravity apparently is a local phenomenon in the same way that electro-magnetic fields are. The wonder is that there might not be a transcendent Universal field, though the concatenated effects of localized gravity act universally in relation to matter.