Monte Carlo Algorithm Might Find Federal Budget Balance

The United States has been gambling with its financial future since the followers after the Reagan Administration choose to lose their minds and blindly follow the principle of deficit spending and concentrating wealth for the 1%. The environment is in decline too. Democrats have expedited the abandonment of morality. People regard them as empirical truth-challenged immoralists* running a white homosexual mayor as a symbol for butt-gigs bending over South Bend peer of twerk. No one considers balancing the federal budget and paying off the public debt.

A computer running the Monte Carlo algorithm such as Wall Street high-speed traders use might be able to find a myriad ways to balance the federal budget. Has anyone even looked into artificial intelligence solutions to the problem of public spending arrears?

Different configurations and balances for making public spending outlays balance public income revenues should be easy for A.I. dozens of those models could be constructed and presented to the public for review now and then.

* Democrats regard just two of the modern Five Foundations of Morality as being important. Those two are Harm and Autonomy. The Five Foundations are incidentally derived from evolution theory and experimental observation. Of course morality is an abstract concept, so limiting the paradigm to five ‘foundational’ planks is arbitrary and to atheists something like the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path is to Buddhists.

The Democrat-liberal interpretation of both planks are wrong. For one; they enact harm to others with racketeering and such to have their way and dismiss the harm in that, and two, they seem to exclude virtue from autonomy as if they were mutually incompatible, or that any autonomous individual would lack virtue or faith in God. That is wrong. Autonomous individuals needn’t be amoral slobs.