Hobson’s Choice Devil’s Tools on the Right and Left

President Trump needs the Christian vote for reelection. Fundamentally he needs pre-tribulationist and dispensationalist voters to agree that he is less evil than satanic Democrats that well-regard just two of the five evolutionary pillars of morality (a popular academic theory of moral psychology) have no need for morality. They seem satanic and at least daft. yet they are just the flip side of the evolved socialist-corporatist coin that is satanic and repressive. President Trump as an independent liberal Republican seemed a reasonable alternative to the demonic left in 2016.

Pre-tribulationists are victims of American hucksterism. It is just one Christian theological school of which the late Charles Ryrie was a staunch exponent, had joined. The paradigm has been repeated ad nauseum by commercial movies. It is an eschatology based belief that the world is doomed and the anti-Christ will appear when things get messed up enough. At that point a Christian rapture will occur and the saved will be lifted up into the Cuds with the Lord. The theology is wrong and promotes environmental indifference- since a new Earth will arise the belief goes.

If the devil wants to prevent people from being saved it will develop a political structure that is a Hobson’s choice between bad choices. On the left the Democrats will promote moral evil and corporatist socialism, while on the right, capitalists will destroy the world ecosphere for a profit and build corporatism. President Trump seems like the Fuehrer of the corporatist state.

The end times that pre-tribbers believe in already happened in the first century as Jesus Christ said it would; before the end of that generation. Rome destroyed Jerusalem with a million dead and the Christians were scattered. The theological school of post-tribulationism is true. The millennium is a nominal name for the period from the second coming at Pentecost until the third coming at the end of the millennium.


Pre-tribbers have no excuse to allow the fuehrers of corporatism to decimate the health of forests, destroy the vitality of the ocean, and let global warming occur. Gold platted toilet seats until the world is destroyed is more akin to satanic goals for the destruction of the people of the world so they may accompany him unto a nearly godless eternity in hell. Political tools of satan exist on the left and right Incidentally, physicists believe that below absolute zero there is a temperature change to infinitely hot.