President Trump 1st; Fuehrer of the Corporatist State?

President Trump is accelerating the old style, unreformed, ecospherically destructive economic methods. The result is the lowest unemployment rate in U.S. history and an increasing pace of unsustainable ecospheric destruction.

The President has harmed Alaska and the future world prospects for a healthy ecosphere. Spoiling the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve and working against a sustainable fishery are usual for a from the cradle son of an immigrant business billionaire. He will let oil wells sprawl while fracking pollutes groundwater. A city guy.

Democrats would take away guns so after guns are outlawed only the government and outlaws would have guns. Democrats want a neo-authoritarian socialist union with corporatism to repress people liberated with a queer, amoral social environment with copious dope for all. democrats are a godless party of amoral evolution. Personally I believe God created everything including evolution.

Democrats run lawyers instead of credible candidates. They work to bring globalism through illegal immigration to help destroy traditional American family groups and job security with good wages. They seek to overpopulate the nation and let hell develop on Earth. It’s not encouraging.

President Trump should be careful not to become regarded as a tool of the devil seeking to destroy the world ecosphere. As it is he is a complete moron on ecological economics. Humanity isn’t on Earth for the short run…many want people to live on Earth in a few centuries as well.

Americans vote for Trump as an alternative to the godless and immoral corporatist-socialist branch of the Republicrat-Party, and may do so in 2020 if the electorate remains dumb of ecological economics or prefer to be dead instead of directly in support of satanic immoral Democratic policies.

In a way, President Trump seems like the Fuehrer of the emerging Corporatist state. Democrats and Republicans are a Hobson’s choice for those that prefer egalitarian democracy in a moral social environment working toward ecospheric recovery and a balanced federal budget with a good safety in for a nation with secure borders.

The Fuehrer has all of the tools of state terrorism within a socialist-corporatist ecosystem that money can buy. Serialized terror against dissident individuals through the mass media, firing from employment and earnings to repress non-sycophantic expression; those were tools of communism and fascism that are unified in the Corporatist state.