The Wisdom of Insecurity Regarding U.S. Public Debt

The national economy isn’t the whole world. The late Allan Watts published a book titled ‘The Wisdom of Insecurity’. One should feel a little detached from and reflective on the secular processes around oneself. In a democracy one should also reign in excesses and radical departures from moderate egalitarianism that threaten to reduce the body politic to irrelevant chattel for insiders of power. The vast U.S. pubic debt is a threat to the well being of the poor and middle class for it is they who will be made to suffer when the time comes to liquidate the debt.

The Wisdom of Insecurity

The U.S. economy faces many challenges. The old-style economics the President is using to tighten up unemployment numbers is based on unsustainable resource exploitation and world ecospheric habitat destruction. That is a concern. The President is a New York City shag carpet baby with little regard for the externalities of ecospheric reality. For him reality is social reality, power and metrics for buildings and office space. He is competent within his limited intellectual horizon of business.

Twenty-two trillion dollars of public debt that have compiled with supply-side economics since the Reagan administration are a testament to the willingness of leaders to take immediate profit and let the down-side go to the future.

James Lovelock

It would be useful to elect a nationalist, real-politic ecological economic moderately conservative president who seeks to reform capitalism through accurate regulation that would cast the broken environmental legs and bring them to heal in support of sustainable ecological economic policy. Unfortunately the Democrats are 100% about divisiveness and old-style identity politics maxed out; they seek after class power for themselves and attack any opposition. While that is occurring some scientists speculate that just a century remains before a great environmental economic crash occurs ending the majority of human life on Earth.

It is always good, especially in regard to the brevity of human life, to keep an eye on the goal of eternal life with God through the Son, Jesus Christ.

That there just aren’t competent candidates with solid ecological economic understanding with reform plans that even run in Democratic primaries is alarming. American politicians nearly always seem like spoilt, ignorant, trained in old-style capitalism existentialist or relativity-colonialists without the sense God gave them. Maybe Americans will luck out with blind, random chance. The improbable has happened before.