N.R.A. Needs Female Action-Hero President

The NRA Needs to be pro-active and hire a female president able to bring women into the gun club. Sigourney Weaver was an early role model for the modern woman tough-as-nails kick-butt individual. In The Alien she was the sole survivor with common sense.

While some guy like Bruce Willis could take the duties seriously with the gravitas the job deserves, President Trump is in a panic that Democrats are trying to destroy the American right to own guns so females and homosexuals may dominate them within a socialist new world order. Maybe only a woman with good kung fu can right the capsized NRA ship’s course.


Ideally Milla Jovovich would be the President of the N.R.A., or even the captain of the space ship Raza in Dark Matter. She is a tough one with all sorts of good moves.