Democrats are a Predatory Tax Party

Democrats are all about victimizing Americans. They have a plain identity profile for people that aren’t natural Democrat party members and when they can, victimize them.

What right have democrats to try to force the President to publish his tax returns and throw his business methods as a free enterpriser entirely to the open? If they believe the President listed payments from the Russian government on his tax returns the Mueller Investigation couldn’t discover elsewhere that would be the only valid reason. If Robert Mueller’s team did not peruse the tax returns if might be reasonable that some neutral party could privately comb through it for the smoking rubles that would very improbably be located therein.

Hillary Clinton has asked the Chinese government to go after the President’s tax returns. When the Clinton administration gave nuke technology to China they apparently made some friends there. Advancing socialism is a Democratic goal because it gets rid of democracy and the constitutional parameters created by a class the Democrat Party hates; strait white men.

Democrats use socialism as a lever to empower themselves. They seek to be more than equal through the power of government. They never fail to victimize Americans whenever they get the chance.

It is ironic that the Democrat Party also is one with anti-Semitism within its members. Some blacks and Muslims just don’t have the best interests of Israel in mind. And then there is Bernie Sanders.

Former Senator Sanders is Jewish and pro-socialist. Socialism is a softer dictatorship of the proletariat sort of thing. Why Mr. Sanders seems unaware of the history of Jewish leadership in the revolutionary movement toward the end of the First World War that levered the end of the government to bring in the Weimar Republic and all that followed is unknown to me. Jewish socialist leadership in that German revolution enabled the rise of Adolph Hitler. Hitler’s beer hall speech was the same Munich beer hall that a Jewish socialist leader had begun the movement against German aristocrats to end the war.

There are political actors that would foment strife within the United States for the benefit of external parties. Sanders has blundered into providing fuel for some of the gullible dummies that sympathize with Nazi socialists. Maybe a neo-Hitler will even arise from within the Democrat party.

While I support Israel and appreciate Jewish contributions to the United States, Mr. Sander’s failure to recognize too many similarities of history repeating itself in a diluted form is plainly not helpful to the United States or Israel, especially while the Venezuelan socialist tyrant Madura is actively repressing the masses with Chinese, Cuban and Russian assistance.

The Democrat party is quite untrustworthy for Americans these days. They are a party of socialist treason globally with porous borders and paradoxically rising with concentrated wealth Democrat leaders aspire to be part of.

Bernie Sanders should have transitioned from pro-socialism to pro-reform of capitalism and free enterprise tying it into ecospheric restoration. Within a free-enterprise, non-socialist political economy the United States may continue to flourish and serve simultaneously as world leaders in ecological economics. Being a died-in-the-wool Jewish socialist is almost a caricature of things past and emblematic of the globalist lunacy of the Democrat party.