If the Global Economy Collapsed

There is not a single ecospherically sustainable economy on Earth so far as I know. Capitalism and communism too were built on expanding and exploiting limited natural resources. One million species presently are in danger of extinction because of human economic practices. I would guess that when the economy crashes; really collapses such that it can’t be restarted, a couple of billion human lives will be lost.

I would be happier if there was at least one political party that understood what ecological economics is and tried to gradually transition the U.S. economy to that basis. One would want to keep free enterprise because of the creative leadership of individuals that simply doesn’t arise from bureaucracies or politicians. I have suggested that the House form some kind of permanent committee to study the problem of ecological economic transition nationally- it is much more than global warming remedies that are needed, yet so far no spark of interest has appeared with Democrats where it should.

In my opinion a mad scrambling for survival on a scale never before seen would happen if food supplies globally collapsed. A green new deal won’t transition the nation to ecological economics; it is focused on fixing just atmospheric heating from CO2 and is politically untenable.

With a possible limit to public debt- nearly a trillion annually goes to pay interest on the debt, there is a possibility of a catastrophic transition when investors flee abroad leaving the poor holding the bag on a defaulted economy. The bubonic plagues of European history killed off 2/3rds of the population of that sub-continent. It is easy to imagine modern biological wars doing much worse after the global economic collapse.

To transition to an ecological economic foundation there would need to be regulations for favoring green synergy leading businesses. Environmental restoration would need public prioritization- perhaps people would need to have different zoning that would build hollow mountain ranges for people to live within while letting the wildlife recover outside. Electronic mass transit designed to go above and below ground. A limit on the amount of capital one could concentrate, a limit on the number of corporations one could invest in (3), a reduction of the term for patent exclusivity to three years with the inventor getting 10% royalties from any using the patent after it becomes public domain; there are innumerable changes required to make capitalism and free enterprise work to restore the world ecosphere so far as possible while advancing the quality of human life at the same time. That would not be easy, yet no party is really trying either.

It is necessary to defend freedom for humanity and individuals against the numerous totalitarian oppressors that will exploit economic or environmental collapse to try to force some kind of dictatorship over the masses-even a dictatorship of the proletariat would be onerous and offensive.

Unfortunately Democrats have taken the time of concern about the ecosphere to divide the people as much as they can. Some believe they would appreciate collapsing just the U.S. Government in order to impose the North American portion of global socialism under a planetary junta of communist-socialist leaders. Those people seem rather extreme.