N.A.S.A. Needs Inventive, Creative, Budget-Minded Designers

I saw an article stating that Congressional N.A.S.A. watchers say the space agency hasn’t got a good moon landing plan and is ‘scrambling’. It would be good to have the public lander system non-Bezos dependent. The billionaires have chemical rocket systems as if they were Werner Von Braun with a new thing. In fact N.A.S.A. has been lazy since the end of the Apollo missions as far as manned space goes.


I was lucky enough to get a reply letter from Senator John Glenn explaining that he wanted to fully fund the Space Station because there wasn’t going to be a budget for other manned space stuff. I wanted N.A.S.A. to develop electromagnetic linear accelerators for off-Earth and off-moon shots. The technology looks very promising. Instead the navy is developing electromagnetic accelerator naval artillery- how useful to advance humanity!

Maybe there are other ways to get stuff on and off the Moon on the cheap. Creating an electromagnetic field mitt to catch landers dropped down from moon orbit. Sending a skyhook on a cable from the lunar surface to reel in orbital stuff. Some kind of combination electro-magnetic linear accelerator, electro-magnetic field and super-battery rechargeable system to throw moon to orbital modules up. Maybe lasers hitting reactive aft surfaces or particle beams from the moon hitting spacecraft ionized reactive surfaces?. There must be innumerable practical ways to combine various solar powered electronic lunar landing and exiting technologies that don’t need chemical rocket tech that Robert Goddard and Von Braun invented or developed perhaps inspired by ancient Chinese.

Has N.A.S.A. lost its creative, inventive people to video games?