The Democrat Party Problem

Republicans ended the Cold War with Russia. Bill Clinton laid the foundation for restarting it. Wresting Ukraine and Crimea away from Russia with the leverage of U.S. military power was never a good idea, and one that doomed the peace. Republicans sought to do business with Russia while the Democrat party began to hate Russia for not being communist. The Democrat Party is a party of global socialism and communism. Their work is to weaken United States border security and succor any foreign socialist-communist and corporatist movement.

The Democrats are a loose party of hegemonistic idiots lacking good sense. The deep state element of Demo-Republican insiders continue the legacy of stupidity and lunatic expansionism-even off world, without moderation at all. It is a party of brinksmanship- politically and environmentally, without stability or right reason. They destroy conservation of human and ecospheric rights in pursuit of godless ideologies