When Trump the Fiction Movie is Written

It is somewhat surprising to me that no one has written a screenplay for Trump the Movie. Trump the Movie should be a blockbuster; maybe the greatest box office in Hollywood history.

It would be a fiction movie inspired like a tragic-comedy version of Amadeus. Trump is a kind of Mozart of business-politics attacked by jealous Salieri-like Democrat party hacks interminably, for years. The Democrat party claims to be a Green New Deal Jeff Bezos unlimited expansion to a trillion humans consuming the Solar System like locusts served by Amazon.galaxy. They hate the Mozart of political-economy figure for getting in their way.


Donald Trump perseveres against all odds domesticating squirrels that become guard dogs chirping to death any border violators seeking nuts and nougat. The President defends a good economy while false composers of falsehoods and fake news work with Aliens from someplace off-world to bust up the United States bad.


President Trump could have a dream sequence where he is a Viking battling with just spoons and a git box, Huns, Mongols and pygmies attacking across the Potomac. Spoiler alert…the end hasn’t been completed I would think, for the screenplay need be made into film during the Democrat national convention next year.