A Human Earth and Solar System Demographic Budget

When billionaire Jeff Bezos declared the desire to expand human lifestyles into the solar system with a trillion people inhabiting every available niche and construction possible he expressed two human characteristics simultaneously. One was the honorable desire to advance technologically and explore. The second was careless, intemperate disregard of collateral damage to the ecosphere that supports life.

On Earth the ecosphere of the planet is under relentless, sustained attack and degradation from overuse. The concern of Wall Street is for profits with disregard for externalities such as the world outside profit margins. That is why moderation and temperance need return to business through regulation and reform of capitalism such that democracy could be rectified. And the citizens need look to the Democrat party for temperance and reason?

The Democrat Party today is godless and non-rational. Its leadership is incapable of coordinating and balancing its own policies. Its extremes run from Jeff Bezos the billionaire with wild extremist expansion to A.O.C.’s socialist Green New Deal to dole the people with social security and Medicare for everyone while jets are grounded and global warming remedies are forced on the nation while the rest of the world issues compensating carbon dioxide flatus in wonder.

The time frame for correcting the world’s ecosphere decline is presently ticking away. A U.N. report says a million species are threatened with extinction. Wall Street doesn’t understand the web of life and how one species supports another and actually creates a livable ecosphere. For the business people the birds and bees are nice childhood stories to inform youth on how to advance to sex, automobiles, rectilinear homes, shag carpets, social organizations and adulthood watching football. Correcting human ecospheric destruction affects that are inherent in the Human Economic Structure is beyond the ken (nel) of human social reality.

Human Economic Structure engineering is required to correct the most ancient models for human development of exploiting the environment to benefit humanity. Humanity was given the task by God of mastering the ecosphere and its wildlife rather than simple consuming it as bacteria. The H.E.S. need account for rebuilding the ecosphere and its wild denizens as well as using it for human convenience. It is as if humanity not only need enjoy the natural lawn, they need also mow, fertilize and water it.

The Earth presently has a human population of more than seven and a half billion people, and that number is sufficient to have put human survival- or at least ecospheric survival- on a negative growth trajectory. If one were to chart the ecospheric health on a graph, the ecospheric health would be inversely reflecting human population increase. That need be corrected. Human growth should stabilize yet even so the ecospheric decline need be reversed.

The Von Bezos plan for lunatic human expansion in the solar system is the traditional bacterial model of growth overcoming its growth medium. It is a reckless expansion model putting human existence into dangerous and unnecessary volatile and vulnerable condition on the edge of destruction. Moderation is what is required for human development; enlightened moderation with an advanced Human Economic System comprehensive of human economic impact on a given ecosphere.

Consuming the Earth to exhaustion before consuming the solar system to exhaustion is a bacterial business plan rather than human. Humans are about intellect differentiating them from beasts, not larger parts. A human bacterial model of exhausting Earth then exhausting the solar system before seeking new star systems to exhaust is daft and dangerous. Evolution works through natural selection. There are more losers than winners in natural selection. Formerly there were dozens of human like primates and now just one remains. The prospects of just one species representative surviving numerous environmental challenges are very poor. It is better to avoid brinksmanship with just one species rep existing.


Human population in the solar system should never exceed 15 billion people more or less. Sticking 20 million on Mars, terraforming Venus, placing a billion in the outer solar system is probably enough. There is no urgent need to exhaust all of the resources of the solar system. Constructing human habitats in space might be convenient to place excess Earth population and a few billion more. And those people would need to visit Earth periodically- at least one year out of five, to maintain human physiological health in Earth-specific gravity and field conditions.

Humanity has grown within a particular gravitational field strength and shape-for gravity fields may perhaps alter in shape. Often people don’t realize how dependent human form is upon the particular gravitational field of the Earth. Without it the natural growth processes of a body are themselves akin to cancer. The relationships of the body’s parts to itself are formed with gravitational governance that when removed changes the entire structural logic- even the anus as the downward terminus of the digestive tract has no gravitational forms moving food waste downward. Excrement would be upwardly mobile-perhaps toward billionaire brains.

A future scenario for human development should have patience. Evolution is done in a day-or a year. A thousand years isn’t much for evolution’s pace. Human development and adaptation to the solar system should utilize several thousand years for reasonable continuity of human thought and sentience while intellectual and physical development continues.

Earth ecospheric systems probably should carry no more than one billion souls at a time with the remainder scattered about the solar system with no more than 15 billion living about it altogether. Women no longer wish to be baby factories once they are prosperous any way. Quality over quantity is important for human development and sustainability. Spiritual growth need occur though bacterial traits remain as in the Von Bezos paradigm.

In the book of Genesis God provided information concerning human origins. Simplistic readings were sufficient in previous generations. Today however with the rise of evolutionary biology and other sciences it is useful to understand the book with deeper insight. It is fundamentally incorporative of evolution directed by God within an unknown paradigm. Since God is omnipotent he has greater control of mass and energy than would a future quantum super-computer able to treat mass and energy as items as malleable as a holographic field created by the quantum super-computer.

Human future development needs to bring the Earth to ecospheric recovery while moderately developing human habitats around the solar system that one day would be able to support total solar system population of 15 billion with just one billion enjoying the Earth at any given time.