A Question of Believability; Credo Ecclesium

The reformed church in removing the chaff of erroneous doctrine may have made the error of regarding its Biblical exegesis as complete or final? What if the Holy Spirit leads one to interpret Genesis as indicating an evolutionary mode implemented within the creation?  The Word may have its meaning revealed or understood when the time is correct.

Because the reformers had no concept of evolution, the interpretation along evolutionary grounds would have been improbable. For those of us that learned science at the same time as the Bible, it may be obvious.

I think the phrase of Calvin’s credo in ecclesium vs credo ecclesium may be useful in understanding part of the contemporary problem of faith. People don’t believe the church version of creation. It does rely on an old interpretation of scripture. Without coercion at all nor conflict of interest one may interpret Genesis within evolution parameters contingent upon the omnipotence of God for whom all things are completely malleable.