Bust Up Facebook into Red and Blue Books

Facebook has gone too far in promoting unAmerican interests around the world facilitating as they have Russian advertising and invading privacy of those making Facebook their lives.


Plainly an American corporation that relies upon chat and video stuff without paying users for content should be suspect of commie pinko or extreme royal expropriative tendencies. That is why it should be broken up at least into Red Book and Blue Book with the rest being foreign Russian stuff book material.

It that doesn’t work a new chpater named N.R.A. book could be formed with all kinds of cool military and hunting stuff including Tom Clancy games and righteous hunting of domestic commie subversives.

For an alternative subculture a Left-Wing Leninism page could be made for socialist utopians with unlimited access to any sort of cuddly we are lovable stuff with much hate and abuse of right wing moderate figures like Donald Trump. 

Just ideas about promoting free speech.