The President With the Best First Two Years in Office

President Trump claimed to have the greatest first two years in office of any U.S. President. George Washington was the greatest U.S. President, although much what made him the best occurred before he took office. His unwillingness to let let the Presidential Office be more royal followed his leading the Revolutionary Army to victory. President Trump has yet to entirely secure the southern border, though he tries.

 President Trump has withstood more criticism and oppression by opponents than any former U.S.President except perhaps Abraham Lincoln. He has been a tough guy and has strengthened America against legions of those trying to weaken it. Thomas Jefferson however bought the Louisiana territory in 1803 after becoming President in 1801. That purchase made him debateably the greatest U.S. President in the first two years.

No one would mention Andrew Johnson’s purchase of Alaska yet that was not a small accomplishment either. President Trump is a business and sales guy and uses hyperbole and promotion to gain advantages politically for himself and the nation. His opponents call that lying, as if the godless, atheist, left had scruples about lying themselves.

One might consider President Reagan’s turnaround of the economy from the Carter malaise to one of vigor. If one doesn’t like Christians or Russia President Clinton’s first two years accomplished reforming the Cold War for the future in getting Yeltsin to give up Ukraine and Crimea, and burning Christians at Waco Texas, and might be their ticket. President Obama stimulated wars across North Africa and the Middle east after winning a Nobel Peace Prize and gave huge tax cuts to the rich as well as zero interest loans by the trillions to big banks so they could electronically mint trillions. Of course that pales in comparison to his later work in levering homosexual marriage on the nation through state legislatures and the Supreme Court with his judicial appointments; some might like that sort of thing.

President Eisenhower might have done the most in his first two years of anyone. The world was a three ring circus then with chaos and war ubiquitous, and modernity forced technological and scientific changes at home and abroad in economics and society. Eisenhower used the 101st Airborne to integrate schools in Little Rock Arkansas eventually. He was as much of a federalist law enforcer as Abraham Lincoln- who in his first two years had the tough luck of a challenging war and was compelled to fight against national disintegration.

President Kennedy accomplished a lot in three years before his assassination, The Apollo program might be his greatest legacy. He had failures like the Bay of Pigs too, yet I recall his challenge to all Americans to make a 50-mile hike. His expression ‘Ask not what you country can do for you but what you can do for your country’ was as inspirational as ‘when the tide comes in, all of the ships in the harbor rise.’ Kennedy was an inspirational leader.

President Trump has had a solid first two years in office. I would like someone good at ecological economics as President who is nonetheless nationalist, yet those don’t exist. The President is trying a long term rectification of China-U.S. trade that needed work to correct after the decade of U.S. business relocating there while the nation was flooded with illegal aliens etc. So the President is not exactly my idea of the best servant of the people one might find.

He did however appoint two moderately conservative judges and will continue that into a second term hopefully. If his claim to be the greatest ever in his first two years in office falls short of complete accuracy, it is at least consistent with his effort to promote everything American including himself.