A Border Control Canal Is More Bang for the Buck

It might be a good idea to combine three national material goals in one system of a border control canal along the sunshiny Mexican-American desert. One might cover the canals that are filled with salt water pumped up from the Pacific Ocean to Deming New Mexico. Water would flow downhill east and west from the continental divide, with numerous locks on the way.

The covers would be honeycombed plastic-like solar voltaics electricity producers along the length of the canal. The electricity generated would be used for electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen. Some of the water would evaporate under the sloped air-tight covers and slide off as fresh water into a collection canal.

The project would obstruct illegal immigration to the U.S.A., produce hydrogen, oxygen and fresh water for farming along the canal zone. The hydrogen would be condensed and delivered by pipelines to fueling stations for hydrogen vehicles along Interstates and Texas border highways.