American Investors in China Deserve a Trade War

U.S. investors in China deserve a trade war. It is a kind of reality check. They need to know they are building up the main adversary of the United States in the secular world besides the Democrat Party.

For decades American business has been offshoring production to China and neglecting the United States. Politicians have cut tax on the most rich to let the Warren Buffets and Steve Jobs have more to invest in China. The idea is that they will create some work for Americans now and then while Democrats talk about a low growth economy for environmental reason whenever the Chinese rate of economic growth is between 7 and 15% annually.

The infrastructure of the United States is old and worn down. It is not at any rate forward looking for new and better things. China in many respects is forward looking with leads in electric vehicle sales and hydrogen car infrastructure.

China has been given far to great of an advantage over the United States in business. Wall Street is all-Chinese these days leaping into business partnerships and that isn’t good for the United States. Fundamentally the plan in D.C. is to have a strong military to protect Wall Street 1%er profits and properties in China. 

President Trump must find negotiating with China rather irresistible. A trade war can rectify many wrongs built by the irrational exuberance of investors in China that don’t consider externalities such as pollution or national security meaningful. Neither do they regard the nation’s infrastructure, public debt or average wage and standard of living as greatly of concern.

It is unfortunate that President Trump is not an ecologist of some sort for the field for creating a carbon-free transportation infrastructure is ripe for exploiting in a positive sense of development. If he were to reconstruct the nation’s infrastructure with a carbon-free transportation network that might actual garner enough respect that some would take his claim to making America great again seriously.

In the meanwhile the Wall Street China crew can enjoy learning the difference between investing in America and investing in China.





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