Iran War Prospects and Problems With Carbon-Free Transportation Infrastructures

Iran has a couple of serious issues that make it a problem for free nations. I have a list somewhere of free nations lacking facial recognition systems. One may be the city-state of San Francisco that recently banned such from private use or maybe government too. It’s a good place to hide out it you are an international fugitive although you might need to be homosexual.

Iran is a great location for solar power collection and UV rays for skin cancer fashions. Iran should be an Asian leader in solar power installations and electric car production. Missiles aren’t a good investment. Iranian leaders should be thinking carbon-free transportation infrastructure now.

Unfortunately it also has Muslim religion. Let me explain about Muslim religion for you godless atheists out there.

Muslim is a dumbed down amalgam of Judaeo-Christianity with the sole requirement of loyalty  to the intifadah leader,politically speaking . It has a unified mosque-state theocratic form of government that makes jihad on everyone else twice a year during Ramadan and Yom Kippur.

Muslim countries have no homosexuals. That is a good side of the political-faith in All Law. The bad side is that Muslim is a heresy that gets no followers saved; they believe in a godless hedonist secularist after-life with 99 virgins for carnal happiness and no problems of original sin following. Muhammad’s strong points were not in theology.

So getting Iran to quit hating Israel and get rid of nuclear bombs and missiles to become a good western nation of computer code writers and financial related services people will be difficult. Contemporary western theories requires that all heretic, terrorist nations like Iran convert to godless homosexual corporate states that love The View and pork barrel spending.

Maybe Democrats have a plan to send Presidential candidate Pete Buttijudge to make some kind of peace accord with Iran negotiating homosexual conditions satisfying to Democrats.

In case of war along the Iran-Irac border it is certain that the U.S. military will utilize kinder, compassionate tactics that forego building bridges with opfor bodies.

Good luck to all.