The Obama Pedagogical Method Results

President Obama’s two terms seemed to stimulate black urban riots as a means to advance black political causes. It is challenging to justify claims that he did much for blacks besides creating a sense of entitlement to king tribal leadership.

While people have made Rosa Parks Memorial jokes about the tragic Las Vegas police video release of a black woman pushing an old white man to his death from a bus, it does give people reason to wonder what sort of changes the Democrat Party had in expropriating or redistributing retirement benefits such as Medicare from the elderly to everyone, perhaps letting the elderly keep their diluted benefits for a while. I would guess the end game idea is to stress the social safety net to breaking and cancellation. The 1% might like that.

Democrats have problems with the 2020 election in finding qualified people with experience meaningful to the job. That’s why former V.P. and Senator Joe Biden is leading; even Democrats don’t want to play Russian roulette again with the well being of the nation.

A President of the United States need not be a senior government worker or bureaucrat as President Trump showed in being elected. Yet if a politicians has been in the Senate a dozen years or so he or she had to have learned something on the job about how and what a President should know. The Democrats have a slew of candidates that don’t have experience in military affairs, business economics, environmental economics or International Relations. Neither should a candidate be a close relative of a prior President since a Republic or even a Democracy isn’t sort of imperial.

President Obama was pretty under-qualified to be President. A very lackluster term or two in the Illinois legislature and less than a full term as a U.S. Senator. He was just fast-tracked by the Harvard people as a front yard black politicians who would do their bidding.

I doubt that a single Democrat in the Senate would have led a tax cuts for the ultra-rich fight the way President Obama did. Harvard might have liked it but the people were largely screwed. When the stock market crash of 1929-30 hit the nation the next President (F.D.R.) fixed the problem and eventually raised taxes on the rich to 90%. Keeping the tax rate high worked for the better part of half a century.

Under-qualified candidates can start wars that get millions of people killed or injured as did President Obama. President Trump has yet to start such a war, or series of wars. Instead he has focused on business when not distracted by interminable Democrat-led investigations on a hypothetical connection between himself and the Russian government. Another under-qualified Democrat in the White House could let another series of second and third world wars start and supply weapons and training for them. Sure the global warming issue is meaningful, yet panic about that make it a good political issue and is one of the few legitimate items on an agenda any mention.

Democrats need to be a little more traditional (actually a lot). They should talk about reducing public debt, securing national borders, keeping full employment while transitioning business to ecospherically synergistic and sustainable methods. They should respect families and individual rights and return marriage toward a heterosexual establishment and create a separate and new package for homosexuals. Democrats should respect the sensibilities of others and not inevitably work to force their corrupt will upon other citizens.