Forced Vaccination Should Be Outlawed

Science has clearly proven the value of vaccines against illness, viruses etc. Even so it is important to prevent the government from being able to force vaccination on any citizen. The reason is plain and simple; governments cannot be trusted with one’s life.

Vaccines can be used to kill as well as heal. In the age of designer D.N.A. and viral recombinant engineering the ability for the 1% or government co-conspirators to vaccinate people with mal-ware lethal viruses or viruses that modify behavior for the benefit of the richest is always an Existential or perhaps Utilitarian, Zoroastrian, Taoist, Hedonist, Zarathustran, Consequentialist or Empirical threat.

When government can force all of the public that are poor or middle class to receive a vaccine for the strange news disease then the temptation to accomplish population reduction will challenge select government and wealthiest insider lunatics to act. The danger to the pubic is too great to ignore.