Washington Gov. Inslee Seems Like Democrat’s Best Shot

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee boosted his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States with the announcement of an eight or nine trillion dollar program to move the United States toward a non-carbon emitting infrastructure. With his qualifications and a reasonable plan (maybe the most practical so far) to create a low-carbon transportation infrastructure footprint the candidate seems like  adult supervision in a room full of pretenders.

It may well be that additional programs could appear that get more bang for the buck regarding efficiency of tax dollars vs quality results of movement to zero-carbon transportation and ecological economic transition that restores ecosphere. Washington State has sales and income taxes so high that living there is fairly undesirable. It would be better to pass zoning and regulatory laws that compel low carbon ecological economics and ecospheric restoration and not increase the Federal budget. Democrats apparently haven’t any such rational ideas like that in their heads.