Neo-Smartologists and Collapsology

With Democracy ostensibly blessed with free political choice the future is malleable and non-deterministic. There are fundamentalist collapsologists of all faiths and faithlessnesses I would guess, including pre-trib Christians. As a neo-Calvinist, Gentryist post-tribber, post-Darwinian and quantum metatheoretical transcendence optimist American my opinion is that the future can be shaped toward the optimal with intelligence rightly applied. That may appear to be lacking in politicians generally, yet one can’t have everything.


It should be possible to stop population growth on Earth and restore the ecosphere to health, transition the economy to an ecologically long-term, sustainable footing and halt and reverse the 6th planetary mass extinction caused by human destruction of habitat. The first world is already entered into the post-industrial evolution though upgrading materials science and production as well as, unfortunately, outsourcing some dirty industries to countries like China.

It is always possible to select dystopian economic industrial and residential ensembles politically. Escapism such as unlimited space expansion hypothetically avoids the clear and present challenges on Earth. The solar system should have no more than maybe five billion souls living off-Earth anywhere in reasonably healthy places with Earth-like gravity norms. The resources of the solar system should not be relocated in mass or consumed as fast as bacterial-like growth rates can allow.

There are not religious or political reasons why the people of Earth cannot recover the ecosphere and manage it well in a non-bacterial way as God probably intended. Well, if there is a reason it is just plain, pervasive social and political stupidity.

* I disclaim being a neo-smartologist that regard humanity, except for oneself, as generally stupid. Is there enough oxygen in the atmosphere?