One-Way Lunar Lander-Shelters

Some lunar landers could be designed to remain on the moon as shelters and living or work modules. The lander legs might be designed like jack-up oil rigs and retract to lower the module to the ground. It should be possible to let the landers have some sort of track vehicle movement capability so they could adjust their position to a building site close to the landing pad.

Another way to move the landers into position could be with a tow chain fixed to an anchor. Then the landers would need have only built in rollers or wheels rather than mechanical power for-themselves. Of course the mechanical power units if built in to the landers could also be removable and when detached from the landers after moving the landers, be retasked as motors for work at the station- perhaps in manufacturing or extracting materials for building materials.

Central Copernicus Crater Peak- N.A.S.A. image