States Have Right to Ban Abortions

Citizens of any given state theoretically should be right to make state laws that aren’t in contradiction of federal laws.  Sometimes federal laws are reformed by state’s challenges to federal law such that federal law moves to agreement with a particular state’s law. The United States was formed with a large measure of the Protestant reformation sentiments about reading the Bible for oneself and the right to interpret it for-oneself instead of a government sanctioned or religious authority. There has since been a dynamic tension between those that prioritize individual liberty over autocratic government or religious power that monopolizes politics or religious matters. Alabama and other states have the right to be free from the monopolistic power of a global broadcast media that disapproves of the free choices of states and state’s legislatures.

States have the right to prevent citizens from murdering one another or the unborn. The presumption of a right to exist for the born and unborn is a logical and moral requisite.

There are of course some transcendent human principles that need be defended universally- such as individual freedom from being enslaved, yet the right to privacy permits abortion, the free for individuals in a free government to ban abortion is a universal public right that need be tolerated. Those that seek abortions and live in a state that has banned that are free to relocate to a godless atheist state where murdering the unborn is swell. The freedom for individuals to move from political conditions they regard as intolerable is another universal right.

The dynamic tension between individual rights and universal rights sometimes is eclipsed when the vast majority of individuals support the universal principle. They are then in agreement with the Kantian categorical imperative which is something like the golden rule. States right are an expression of individual rights at the public level. They are a defense against the automatic oppression of universal monopoly of power over individuals by corrupt forms of government such as are expressed in communism, socialism and monarchy.