Biblical Creation and Scientific Paradigmata

I have a different point of view about creation. I learned Christianity and science together from youth, so I have never been conflicted about it. The reformation pioneer John Calvin believed people should interpret the Bible for-themselves, and that the Holy Spirit would lead them to the truth. So with that in mind my interpretation of the book of Genesis is that it is consistent generally with evolution parameters.

 It is traditional to interpret the Bible in a mostly pre-scientific era paradigm and that had nothing about modern cosmological paradigms in it, however the Bible wasn’t structured such that it has parameters that are not generally permissive of an evolution paradigm under God. 

That being said, God is omnipotent, so he can ‘evolve’ the entire world in a second. For God, time is as a material object of no resistance. Remember that God is omniscient and omnipotent- all things including Universes exist in his mind and are actualized for-others including humans in ways that are ponderable for others yet foreknown to God. He could create an entire Universe in virtually no spatial area that would seem as vast as this one does. I wrote about some of that and made a free to download book about it.

 My ideas about the topic.