Do Democrats Have Alien Right to Probe Tax Returns Incl Pres Trump’s

Should a party of losers (the Democrats) in the last Presidential election be free to demand the President’s tax returns in order to have more material to harass him with? If there was anything criminal in the tax returns the I.R.S. should have caught that the past few decades. Exploiting tax returns without plain evidence of a crime is a fishing expedition to harass the President and to try to do him financial and political injury while they can.

Sure the most rich should pay higher taxes. Using the President’s tax returns to learn his business practices better and to have material to use against him in the 2020 Presidential campaign is simply hitting below the belt.

Democrats in Congress have shown a lack of class and integrity in pursuing the President through any and all means after the Mueller Report was not able to recommend some sort of indictment or plain proof of Donald Trump working with Russians through some illegal means to snatch the job of President from Hillary Clinton’s outstretched hands.

 The talk of impeachment before an election is even worse; there are no impeachable offenses, or a single impeachable offense that anyone is aware of. Democrats just don’t like President Trump. Democrats were the party of slavery, and the master mentality seems to infect the party leadership still such that they feel a right to have their way all the way to hell. Impeaching the President not for getting blow jobs in the Oval Office or lying under oath to Congress, but for defending himself lawfully against a year’s-long Democrat hate party seeking to cut off his nuts politically with the full mob leadership mentality of the broadcast media (though not 100% of that group), is the work of a desperate party without good ideas that would get them elected for-themselves.