Outreach to ‘Strange Foreign Allies

Russia was an ally in the Second World War. Democrats have made them feel less than best friends. England was an old adversary from the war of 1812 and for their support of the confederacy, yet that was overcome when we blundered into WW I. Even so the Muslim mayor has put out the I hate Trump sign in London.

China routinely hates on America but loves the way capitalists are fulfilling Lenin’s maxim about selling us the rope we hang them with. Mexico has tended to be an adversary as was Canada yet the later was on the allied side in WW II, so we forget that war was only necessary because of our blundering into the first war.

Switzerland has been a good ally receiving deposits of rich people that don’t want to be traced. Australia is sometimes a friend for practical reasons concerning China and England. Poland is and ally because it is obsessive about Russia. Germany is like an ally because it declared war on us in the Second World War yet graciously lost so became good friends. The same applies to Japan I guess.

Eastern Europe is a good place to look for allies. Transylvania should be skipped perhaps since it is probably a Democrat stronghold.

Iran was a friendly nation; mildly, until the C.I.A. coup to get rid of the Prime Minister and restore the Shah in 1953. The Iran parliament had nationalized British oil fields so the fear of communism led to the paranoid response. The Saudi did the same later and no coup was launched. After the next conflict with Iran is over and the dust settles maybe Islamic radicalism can be overcome and a new age of decadence be constructed, some would think destructive, in Teheran.

France is a good ally because its women sound so nice speaking that language. The guys should speak German perhaps to sound more macho. France is more of a neutral in military affairs, yet is wedded to the European Community these days while England is in the midst of a sloppy, contested divorce with that clan.

Building bridges to those people will have to wait until the bridges are paid for in Afghanistan and Iraq where our new friends are, if something less than allies.





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