Silence in the Deep

Silence in the Deep

Silence in the deep
over a motionless span
relativity is special and general
warping shapes and appearances
passing through
growing apart space expands ephemeral
though in situ motionless
honeycombed membranes of virtual fields
spark’d with a breath exhales the real

First breath and last
filling echoes with worlds words
mathematical constructions, chains of circumstance
curved filling slots with zeros and ones
others with something sharp
musically chorded ones
molecular symphonic combinations begun,
woven across abyssal plains

Pieces traveling like ships-
knight, kings and queens
bishop pairs viewing the long diagonals
of marine phytoplankton from a distance 
like virtual particles
in all positions over the verse-waves
that could be or become and were
after silence shared the void.© 37 minutes ago, Garrison Clifford Gibson   universe • cosmology • nature • spirit • society