Americans Sabotage US National Security Better Than Russians

With the Mueller Probe concluded the former F.B.I. head spoke out a little about the investigation. Attorney General Barr just closed shop so Robert Mueller apparently felt the time was appropriate to reflect upon his task. He made two salient remarks. One was that he never considered charging a sitting President because it is not legal to do so. The other was that there was an effort by Russians to influence the election.

Evidently Robert Mueller understood the first point while much of the Democrat party belligerents did not. The second point about Russia makes plain the fact that Facebook and other social media venues have foreigners working them. Why not try to influence U.S. elections- it’s cheaper and safer than investing in large weapons programs to attack the U.S.A.

Most of all though, in retrospect, the Democrat Parity intifada that started before the election of Donald Trump is set to go beyond the 2020 election manifestly, it is Americans that work most to sabotage the integrity of the electoral process, of respecting the results and getting on to the nation’s business concerning public affairs the Congress must address. Americans sabotage Americans better than anyone else, in a variety of ways and means, in order to force their will upon unwilling compatriots.

During the Obama administration security and classified material leaks were something like a flood. President Trump has slowed that down somewhat, yet the belligerency is clamoring for more and better leaks  up to yet not limited to publishing classified material from the Mueller Report.

Japanese leaders mentioned to President Trump that the Democrat Party (of America) has a death wish. Unlike Japan that secures its borders against illegal entry Democrat Party airhead leaders support mass illegal migration to the U.S.A. in order to supply cheap labor and to undermine the citizens that vote for Republicans. A viable Leninist-Maoist style plan strategy would be to flood America with illegal immigrants, increase the anti-Republican, anti-citizen voting block of Christian conservatives that vote Republican, and isolate the rich Republican corporatists politically before taking over permanently to redistribute all national income to Democrats. That could work. Dope, abortion and homosexual empowerment seems to be tools to lever the open borders required to fulfill the death wish for the nation that Democrat regard as utopia.