A Tram to Mt. Everest Summit?

With eleven deaths on the high slopes of Mt. Everest in the last week it may be time for Nepal to consider building some kind of tram nearly to the summit. There must be a pot of investment capitalist willing to build a costly ride most of the way up  within a few hundred feet of the summit. It would save lives and create a revenue stream.


Constructing some kind of a power line and oxygen recharging stations; if not an entirely enclosed, oxygen pressurized lift might be the better way to accommodate the thousands or tens of thousands of glory seekers striving after their place at the point on the Earth highest above sea level (Mt. Chimborazo is actually the highest point on Earth from the center).


A Mt. Everest power lift should create hundreds of jobs with perhaps a restaurant at 20,000 feet or so. There might be some kind of ultra-light launch pad built as well.





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