Impeachment May Be A Hollywood Mini-Series

House Democrats in the majority may decide to lynch (aka impeach) President Trump. With the power to impeach needing just a majority vote by the House there is a very good chance that will go ahead. After all Democrats didn’t get much satisfaction from the years-long Mueller Report.

With NBC’s The Blacklist done for the season there isn’t much worth watching on television this summer. Football and The Blacklist are gone for the summer so a good political lynching may be all there is for the mob to watch. That could take a few months at least.

Since the Senate won’t convict on the bogus charges it’s all in good fun and will keep the country off the dreary subjects of good ideas for Presidential candidates and good legislation in the House; neither really exists any way. Hopefully President Trump will find some way to get in new buzz phrases for the nation to mirthfully use.