Big Bankers Hate the Tariff on Mexico for Illegal Aliens

Some Big American banks have jeered the Executive Branch decision to charge Mexico something for sending a couple of million illegal aliens north over the border annually (maybe half are caught and released). Those are big banks that should have been allowed to fail in 2008-9 when they received Executive Branch bailouts for their global financial perfidy. They think nothing of subverting wages and good jobs for the poor Americans outside the federal reserve-big bank axis of back-scratching.

A 5% tariff on Mexican imports should continue until the number of illegal aliens crossing the Mexican border annually is fewer than 50,000. The United States isn’t a lawless slut without civil rights that lays down for the machos from anyplace with token resistance. The United States has always had laws and sought to do politics lawfully including regulating immigration. The U.S.A. banned the importation of slaves in 1807. Without laws concerning immigration people could have imported slaves until the civil war.

President Trump should disregard the slimy global bankers that ridicule the effort to secure the U.S. border from unfair labor practices that benefit the rich and harm the poor in the United States. One can understand why the Jacobean reaction followed the French Revolution better if one compares those aristocrats of yore to Wall Street and Big Bank aristocrats.