Democrat Immigration Policy Is Closer to Fascist Than Pres Trump’s

Donald Trump is a moderate Republican, not an inventor of fascism as was Mussolini. In 1807 the United States outlawed the importation of slaves. The nation has always sought to make rule of law the law of the land. Federal regulation of immigration has existed for most of U.S. history. The president’s job is to enforce federal law and border security including preventing the illegal entry of aliens.

Some Democrats feel the United States security policy should resist illegal entry with less protest than that of a multiple orgasmic slut to intercourse. That attitude is ubiquitous in Democrat Party leadership. Years ago when I worked at a Taco Bell in Texas the Haitian manager said that America is a spread-legged woman. Democrat Party leaders seem to lust after illegal aliens and hate President Trump for not sharing that viewpoint.

Those Democrats working for de facto open borders are closer to the fascist demeanor of Mussolini. They just run over opposition in the way as best they can and keep on rolling. Only if the Congress passed laws with the consent of the governed supporting very high- 2 million a year, immigration numbers equal to the present probable number of aliens arriving annually through illegal entry, would the policy of working for letting a couple million illegal aliens enter annually not be of a fascist disposition.