Fat-Headed NK Dictator Executes His Own Diplomat

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un has executed his lead nuclear arms elimination negotiator for the breakdown of the summit with President Trump. Four other officials were also executed or put to hard labor. The prerogatives of a dictator liberally allow execution-of-others-for-themselves.


The running to fat dictator apparently wants to have his nuclear cake and eat it too with sweeteners provided by the United States in return for more good photo ops. The summer construction season is at hand; the dictator refusing to get rid of the nuclear tool kit is missing out on the easy to start  businesses of industrial infrastructure with joint partnerships from South Korea.

Apparently the dictator is unaware of the quality of pastry shops that could be built in North Korea by German pastry experts if a free market economy were allowed. North Koreans probably could be put to work right away building computers for a fair wage. It is possible that bullet trains from Seoul to Pyongyang  would be on the post-evil communist nation agenda. 

The Dictator gets the worst possible deals for his people (North Koreans) with the best leverage anyone could want. Possibly political inbreeding of dictators has created a dynasty with blue-blood communist problems wherefore the fearless leader is just stupid. He could get some Swedes to help him design a mixed socialist economy if nothing else. As a dictator it’s pretty easy to change if one has a functioning brain.