A Theory of Anarcho-Capitalism and Zombification of Electorate

Anarcho-capitalism could allow capitalist-imperials to accumulate power and concentrate wealth while using anarchy as a smokescreen. An anarchistic society in constant chaos could prevent the polity from forming opinions against the most rich.

There are many forms of government in political philosophy. I think that a structured government is best that allows for the most individual freedom for individuals. A disciplined, structured government and freedom for individuals tend to be regarded as opposites, yet the more advanced societies would work for that very system.

It is easy to form a structured and disciplined government or its opposite; a lax and ineffective government running toward anarchy socially. It is possible to have such a loose society with lots of crime and extreme concentration of wealth such as Mexico (and it could expand to the United States informally through illegal immigration).

It is also fairly simple to use some old political philosophy and not update it as real social and economic conditions change. Then it may morph into something else out of phase with definitions or with its original premise. One might have free enterprise and democracy morph into capitalism and socialism then breakdown into capitalism and anarchy in the lower, non 10% of society regarding wealth. The 10% could live in gated communities and the zombies do business outside.