Andy Ruiz, Hickenlooper, Harris, Reagan and Trump

When Mexican heavyweight fighter Andy Ruiz  technically knocked out Anthony Joshua to capture several world heavyweight boxing titles, one saw the direct,  pragmatic Mexican style of taking over things it can get. When one saw a tall hairy guy walk on stage  and take a microphone from Democrat Presidential candidate Kamala Harris one saw the Democrat Party way of just giving things up. She actually appeared to lift up the microphone for his trophy. the microphone loss incident

Apparently Bernie Sanders actually was a 1980s communist or Marxist accelerator as a Social Workers party partisan, and Democrats seemed to believe that only in such an individual could one find anyone willing to raise taxes on the most rich; even Warren Buffet and other billionaires have spoken in support of higher taxes on their class.

The challenge for the nation is to modify its Democracy delivery such that the rich don’t own the political system and prevent a gradual change to an ecospherically rational, sustainable economic method with appropriate infrastructure. A stable and disciplined government structure with the counter-intuitive maximum civil liberties defenses for individuals is required. Reforming the economy to an ecologically sustainable one requires much discipline, yet not that of an onerous authoritarian state forcing everyone to wear gray sackcloth, keep their heads down and trudge in lockstep in breadlines.

Democrats just don’t have solid leadership intelligence or character any more. Except maybe John Hickenlooper, former governor of Colorado, who was willing to tell San Francisco socialists to stick it and genuflect on Fidel’s tomb outside the Democrat Party, in a manner of speaking.

Hickenlooper booed in San Francisco for denouncing socialism

It is hard to imagine Ronald (I paid for this microphone) Reagan or Donald Trump so easily relinquishing a microphone and leadership.