Mexican Tariffs are Fair and Balanced Policy Initiative

In the farewell address of the first President of the United States, George Washington warned of making permanent foreign alliances. Economic entanglement forces social changes too. That is why the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un prefers an inferior economic system- state communism, instead of free enterprise. Transitioning to free enterprise would bring about the end of the dictatorship as well. N.A.F.T.A. brought about serious harmful changes to the U.S. economy as well as good.

President Trump is concerned with statecraft as well as economics, unlike Presidents Clinton, Bush II and Obama. Nations that have let economic policies predominate over national security have chased after opulence while neglecting fundamental issues of nationhood. Ecologically sustainable economic progress need be a partner of security.

 Mexico has levered its proximity to the United States to advantage itself at the cost of the United States for some time. With an internal proletariat of Mexicans with dual citizenship the external proletariat of the parent country has pressed its political advantages for economic gain. The United States has a Democrat party and wealthy capitalists that viewed the Mexican demography through proprietary lenses making the traditional historical mistake of investing in and building up foreign powers too much while neglecting their own nation and polity. Economic equanimity with Mexico is regarded as the best Americans deserve or should expect.

President Trump has no intention of harming the Mexican economy. Rather, he is trying to correct and stop harm to the United States wrought by Mexican national policy regarding border security. A 5% tariff on Mexican goods to offset the cost to the United States of processing a couple million illegal aliens and all of the legal costs that entails is reasonable; The U.S.A. already has 23 trillion dollars of public debt.

Many foreign nations have no tradition of organic democracy in their own country. Neither have they a history of equal civil rights and protection of the law. Mexico has an extreme anisotropic distribution of wealth that the United States is also approaching to equality with where a small percent have most of the national capital. Democrat Party policies in support of open borders and illegal immigration reinforce that situation. Nations with vast economic and social intercourse become like one another- and that is not good for those that care about equal opportunity, equal protection of the law and realistic opportunity to better one’s lifestyle and to pursue enlightened self-interest.

Mexico has no history of defending the free world against authoritarianism internationally. Their mass illegal immigration is a demographic expansion of La Raza. At a time in world history where the ecosphere is being destroyed, the Latin demographic invasion undermines national democracy and self-determination in the United States. If the United States cannot have a stable population with secure borders it will not have the power to return to a greater political and economic egalitarianism and persuade the populous through the marketplace of ideas that a transition straightaway to an ecological sustainable economy nationally is necessary, good, and can be accomplished without great public suffering.