Select Obrador Reaction Options to Crime Control Tariffs

Mexican President Obrador seems to support a loose, revolving U.S.-Mexico border door for illegals of all kinds in great numbers to traffic about. Even so, he has many opportunities to upgrade Mexico’s state internally, domestically, levering national political resistance in Mexico to ordinary infrastructural changes he could make.

President Obrador could change Mexican patent law and reduce the period of exclusivity to three years with ten percent royalties going to the inventor-patent holder by any users that manufacture and sell the product after the three years are gone. That would stimulate patent applications in Mexico and manufacture of items of all sorts.

Mexico has had some fuel supply issues that followed President Obrador’s closure of some pipelines that were illegally tapped for billions of dollars worth of gas by criminal gangs. Petrol was in short supply in some places, though hybrid and electric car sales went up. President Obrador could support Mexican production of electric vehicles that are very light and inexpensive; something like electric go-carts imitating formula race cares, and support local solar panel manufacture to create solar infrastructure to recharge cars; especially in Mexico City where in time a ban on petrol burning cars could restore air quality. GM is beginning to build ev’s in Mexico, and many international manufacturers sell there already.

A green-car market blossoms in Mexico (A green-car market blossoms in Mexico)

A Mexico City with plentiful solar panels and electric vehicle recharging stations- special lanes for ultra-light electric vehicles etc could bring in much new business. SO much that Mexicans might stay home and not cross over to the U.S.A. in such great numbers. Making Mexico great again won’t be easy- yet they just got a new heavyweight world-champion boxer to brag about, and eliminating drug cartels, human trafficking and so forth will be simpler with tight border security and a great electric vehicles production and sales industry.

Start up operations Mexico (Start up operations Mexico)

Already several auto makers sell or are starting to produce electric vehicles in Mexico. An entirely new electric car manufacturer as started up in the state of Pueblo. President Obrador could readjust his outlook on transportation, solar power, drug smuggling and human trafficking and work for a new sobriety in border law enforcement that is a cool breeze in a hot desert.

Solar Energy Manufacturers in Mexico (Solar Energy Manufacturers in Mexico