A Few Republicans are More Like Democrat Global Socialist-Existentialists

Some Republicans in the Congress and media are bluffing on support for conservation of the national integrity and well being of the United States. They oppose a simple tariff on Mexico that the President is imposing because some of their owners global business interests might be affected. They prefer comfort and prosperity over national security. 

Statecraft sometimes requires taking difficult measures. It isn’t always a bowl of cherries with an existential disregard for borders and security. Anyone in their right mind knows that illegal drugs and aliens flow by the billions and millions into the United States from Mexico. The rich can always disregard those for them trivial problems because they are external to their personal riches and business. President Trump is a little different on that point; he actually seems to care.



President Trump in some respect runs the executive branch with the attitude of a business CEO seeking the well being of the company. Some recent Presidents of the United States have been government weaselcrats seeking mostly to enrich themselves and messing up international affairs and running up public debt.

If the United States ever tried to reform capitalism or government spending the Congress is far too satiated for-themselves to ever tolerate the slightest correction of policies that would lead to public national health. What a worthless bunch of investors.