Inflationary Pizza Policy and National Collapse

Collapse like a souffle’? Arnold Toynbee the late British historian of civilization viewed the collapse of civilizations generally as occurring in cycles. Some large nations might be compared to old style civilizations to a limited extent. Toynbee felt however , in the final analysis of his final book, that there was just one world civilization that existed after all the others had perished or merged through cultural proximity and shared content.

The United States could collapse from entering the universal phase where it is over-extended globally in trade and investment- even reciprocally. Following the Universal phase of a civilization in the Toynbee schema is collapse- like a super nova, volcano that spews its guts out or a failed souffle expanded like a soup bubble before the terrible collapse.

Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the rest of Wall Street will invest and develop far more overseas than in the United States. Leaders and gentry of ancient Rome made the same mistake. The United States will become an afterthought and regarded by the rich as being in a state of good enough as it is. No longer will politicians and the rich seek to make the nation itself a global leader by example with the best infrastructure most well-adapted to ecospheric challenges. They will not lead to assure a quality lifestyle for all American citizens. Neither will they protect the polity against 150,000 illegal aliens arrested each month with that number probably making it through successfully.

As people become to rich and complacent, so interested in their own affairs that they neglect public affairs, and as they allow moral decay to become the norm and fall away from the faith of the founders; these things can all lead to collapse.

So could extreme inflation in the price of pizza.