Prospects for Economic Collapse Not Especially Good

An economic collapse isn’t too likely soon. Anything is possible though. So a coup in China by a hard-liner could close down the limited free market there and cut off Apple’s profit chain (as well as numerous other U.S. corporations).

Some day when China has a lot of cash and safe investments it could nationalize all foreign owned businesses, continue to produce the same items with the same Chinese workers laboring for $2 and hour getting richer while cascading collapse and dire straits to the United States.

If Democrats become a majority party again with the Presidency a surfeit of moral corruption made law and loose economic management like that of the Clinton administration could lay a new foundation for collapse such as occurred in 2007–2008 from the home mortgage and banking crisis. people weren’t too aware of the ponzi scheme like irrational exuberant finance schemes then, and they may not be aware of building schemes now besides the obvious add trillions more to the U.S. public debt.

The United States has a history of steady long term growth with occasional recession and even a depression yet it always overcomes that. I would guess that it shall continue to do so in spite of all of the pretenders of the Democrat Party that run for the Presidency and are really not serious leaders in reform and progress whatsoever. Jeez those people are uncreative goons.