Maybe This Would Solve Classical Chess Draw Problem

I have never played a game of classical chess- (I hope to play a game of classical chess some day after I find time for shuffleboard)- only blitz-even so I have a remedy for too many draws in classical chess. The reason for that is that the ongoing Norway chess format to resolve draws seems to give an unfair advantage to the world’s best blitz player with the misnamed Armageddon (Armageddon was the 70 a.d. destruction of Israel and slaughter of a million Jews- Jesus said that would happen before that living generation was gone and it did).

Each player in a super-tournament with two hour time controls would be given a half hour advantage as white and as black, so it would be necessary to play four games between every two players in the tournament to determine who is really better at classical chess. Blitz tie-breaks are inappropriate- they really are a different game than classical. 

A classical tournament should have nothing besides the longer controls.





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