Free EPUB Version of God, Cosmology and Nothingness

I published a revision of God, Cosmology and Nothingness in epub format; this version with footnotes. It is free to download. I hope to work on a substantial revision sometime. I cannot say when.

A dichotomy has arisen in the visible Christian church. Inaccurate scriptural interpretation and out-of-time ecclesiastical structure have rendered the Church unable to serve the needs of many modern individuals seeking after a closer relationship with God through worship services. In an era before Universal literacy a priestly structure was requisite for accurate transmission of the word revealed in scripture. With Universal literacy separate priesthoods became less useful and more aloof from ordinary Christian lives. Ordinary Christians should fulfill their role in a priesthood of believers’ liturgical structure rather than a separate class of priests. Theological challenges exist that need be met. How can Biblical issues of Genesis be correlated with Big Bang theory and evolution with theistic creation?