Harvard Judges and Homo Flags at U.S. Embassies

It is incredible that idiots wanted to fly the homo flag at U.S. embassies. Maybe they got requests to fly abortion flags too. Possibly Mickey Mouse wants to run his flag up U.S. embassy flagpoles as well to make a really good impression on foreigners.


Apparently the Obama administration had allowed U.S. embassies to fly politically charged, partisan flags at U.S. embassies if they wanted to making the United States seems like a clown car for weird political vehicles. Who knew?

The Obama administration appointed a lot of Harvard connected female judges to the Supreme Court too happy to butch up the U.S.A. With luck some of the Harvard homosexual agenda will be reversed in years ahead by more conservative appointments. Maybe opposite gender judges shouldn’t be allowed to force select sex law decisions on opposite genders.

Flying any sort of sex behavior flag at U.S. embassies is just weird. Do they have Sodom and Gomorrah flags to run up with the Jolly Roger too?





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