House Democrats Struggle to Manufacture Impeachable Content

After losses in the 2016 election and the Mueller Investigation House Democrats are struggling to construct impeachable content for President Trump in order to remove him from office. Speaker Pelosi has already said she hopes to imprison the President after he leaves office (if she is still around), or hopes he goes to prison in some way. The Democrats are working tirelessly including bringing in John Dean from the Watergate era to testify before the Nadler committee in a kind of cargo cult approach to getting their impeachment proceedings off the ground.

It is not good that the Democrat party and media cohort crank out mostly fiction content in the effort to reverse the election. Of course they should be working good legislation instead, yet that is generally beyond their capacity anyway, however the appearance to the electorate of a party that would manufacture fake impeachable offenses itself to control the executive branch is a symbol of the decay of democracy and intelligence in the Congress.

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