Huawei and Trade War

Ren Zhengfei worked for the P.L.A. as a research technologist for about 20 years and then founded Huawei. India regards Huawei as a security risk and the United States generally does as well. Huawei technology is considered a trojan horse to help provide intelligence gathering for elements of the communist party.It is difficult to say it that is anything to be concerned about, and if so, how much? Providing an authoritarian government the opportunity to develop a communications infrastructure globally that can monitor the mass communication of free nations seems like it might not be wise.China has other trade issues besides that of providing their own, proprietary espionage infrastructure for the west to use, as if they are complete idiots. It is a separable issue.What if some guy worked for the N.S.A. for 20 years then founded a communications corporation, built it up and sought to expand into China to provide that nations phone and internet service? Would the Communist leadership be happy with that?

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