Should Interpol Not Tell President Trump About the Crimes of Democrat Presidential Candidates?

If the British Government MI-5 agency told President Trump about criminal activities and American Presidential candidate perpetrated abroad, would that be wrong? Apparently several Democrat Party leaders and media think so.

If foreign governments or individuals have information about Democrat Party criminal activities who are they supposed to tell in the U.S. Government?  The President is the Executive branch of government so telling the F.B.I. or President is telling the President’s chain of command. In fact the President is the right guy to tell about any criminal activities of Democratic Presidential candidates including foreign deposits to hidden bank accounts.

I suppose it would make no difference if the foreign intelligence source was from a friendly or usually adverse government except as regards the credibility of the account. If Dictator Kim Un reports that some Democratic candidate has unusually bad breath and conceals it with a foreign breath mint containing opium for instance, the report might need more scrutiny and special F.B.I. investigation for verification.Don’t trust, yet verify.

If some Democrat Party candidates are members of dark web child exploitation sites and the news was discovered by foreign intelligence agencies should they send the pictures to wikileaks or President Trump. My guess is that the President is the right guy for the job of apprehending the perpetrators.





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