The Common Misunderstanding of Capitalism

Capital is nothing more than material goods of value. A horse is capital, for example. A building is capital- even the fish in the oceans are capital. The primary difference in kinds of capital are those existing in nature such as trees, fresh water, land, ice, air and those natural products with value added by human manufacturing.

Since even atoms are the electro-magnetic field and forces of nature are capital, it becomes rather silly to talk about capital-ism as if there is just one means of exploiting or producing capital. In the Bible book of Genesis God manufactures, issues or emanates all of the capital of the Universe in a few days or movements. Then mankind appeared and eventually Cain killed his brother Abel. 

Cain is regarded as the first metal-worker and Abel the first tiller of soil (farmer). Each were capitalists. I suppose even Gilligan enjoying the natural capital of a south sea island was a capitalist enjoying the fruits of God’s labor.

The individuals working manufacturing goods from atoms and etc such as computers (with silicone and other items including minerals) are the primary way that mankind manufactures products from natural materials increasing man-made capital. It is ironic that some of the manufacturing processes destroy or corrupt natural capital, or simply use it up to extinction.

Government is necessary in some cases to keep some powerful people or groups from building enough power to ‘own’ everything in the world. Even governments may try to own everything in the world. Individuals are the best inventors of idea-capital and manufacturable ideas and methods yet are usually weak at governance; there assertion to govern other people would be regarded as tyrannical and resisted by others. Governments too may be tyrannical, ineffective or corrupt as the case may be.

Government purpose in an efficient mode is to defend individual rights to own ideas and processes to manufacture. Government must also defend the ecosphere health and natural capital so individuals may continue to exist with health. Today the planet’s atmospheric carbon dioxide rate is more than 415 parts per million- that is worse than in has been since human beings came down from the trees and Adam and Eve’s kids merged in with them. The dynamic tension is fascinating; nations full of people that don’t understand basic political philosophy and regard libertarian versus socialism as dialectical approaches to capital. Even communist governments such as the former Soviet Union had capital and were capitalists plus socialists, in effect making the citizens slaves of the communist party leadership.

The real context is between free individuals within democracy with political and economic egalitarianism, socialist slave owners and oligarchs and plutocrats hiding behind ‘capitalism’.





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