There Really Isn’t a Capitalist System

Capital may be regarded as material and intellectual goods of value. They are objects of a sort. There is no system of objects, nor capital. Capital objects just exist.Some capital was manufactured by nature; the sun, the moon, the stars, oceans, land etc. People have added value to some natural capital, *manufacturing* things.Manufacturing items for most of human history in Earth has been done best by individuals rather than bureaucracies. Individuals invent rather than collectives. Human collectives that are government tend to repress individualism and individual invention. Socialist governments tend toward expropriating all capital and objects for themselves, rather than inventing new manufactured items or inventions. They imagine employing and ossifying the private sector inventors and producers for themselves too. All of the capital both natural and manufactured are regarded as the property of bureaucrats in government who in theory allocate such as the masses need, to the masses.Free enterprise is a good way of manufacturing capital. it is not such a good way at conserving, enhancing, defending or restoring natural capital. Authoritarian governments, if such existed, that understood what ecological economics are and were motivated to bring such into existence, might accomplish that better than a democracy. In fact they might restore the environment as quickly as an absolute monarch or dictator. That would be simply an exercise of power rather than the enactment of an ideal political system.An ideal political system would protect and restore the world ecosphere to health or national parts of the world while simultaneously implementing an ecologically sustainable for the long run economy, within free enterprise democracy parameters. The paradox of a disciplined political economy protecting individual civil rights and ecological sustainability together is in practical terms difficult to get done.Free enterprise invention creates new goods, products and services best. Government can protect and direct respiration of the environment best. Healthy and adequate manufactured and natural capital is what are requisite for a moderately egalitarian society with liberty and justice for all.





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