Emotionally Unintelligent Socialism

I.M.O. emotion is an evolutionary forerunner of intelligence. Animals feel things, people can reason about things. So emotionally intelligent as a phrase is rather meaningless. One might compare it to intelligent emotion to understand the problem. Socialism is a philosophy of government wherein people are something like prisoners ruled over by trustees or prison gangs. The U.S.S.R. was a reasonable example of socialism. It wasn’t an ideal society.

In primitive societies there is no government. There may be a tribal chief. Most men are warriors occupationally. People tend to have the same tools such as a knife. If another warrior admires the knife one gives it to him. It’s easy to make another and jealously is dangerous. That sort of society is quite unlike modern society. A more modern society might have the guy that makes admirable knives become a knife-manufacturing specialist. People will trade or barter goods for the excellent blades. The knife maker prospers more than the warriors. An exclusive blacksmith shop is required to keep dishonest tribespersons from stealing the excellent blades.

Private property and exclusive use of property are requisite for private enterprise. One cannot develop technology for oneself on the commons with people wandering in and out of clean rooms. Capitalism is not a form of government. Democracy is a form of government that usually allows free enterprise and capital building. Capital is material or intellectual property. It is possible for some individual or groups to concentrate so much capital they can end democracy and have a form of working government that benefits themselves more and better (i.e. plutocracy, oligarchy, dictatorship of the proletariat with exclusive, privileged party leadership)

Socialism is a form of government where everyone is a prole, is oppressed yet is slopped and has a place to live. Everyone is guaranteed their very own cell. Maybe it will have nice pictures in it- even a big screen t.v. with government approved programming.





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